About The Organization

On August 8, 2019, we received that phone call that no parent wants to receive. My wife and I were notified that our youngest son, Sam, had been shot and killed. The days following this horrible event, brought about a tremendous amount of heartache, grief, anger and confusion for my entire family.

As a father, I felt it was my responsibility to protect my children. The loss of Sam left me feeling like I had failed my child. I realized I had two choices; I could sit at home and be angry, or I could mobilize and do something to honor Sam. Out of this The Sam Stitt Foundation Inc. was formed.

The goal of The Sam Stitt Foundation is to utilize political, social, and economic capital to bring about a change in our community.

Our focus is young people in and around the Charlotte NC community. We will engage with our young people to identify what their needs are, in order to assist them in making better decisions to effect a positive outcome in their lives. Our focus will be on programs that assist with summer jobs, education, tutoring, mentorship, conflict resolution and early childhood trauma.

It’s my belief that we all are responsible for our children, and when a child is lost, we all lose

Helping Others Is The Way We Help Ourselves


To address economic, educational, financial literacy, and youth development in our community. The Sam Stitt Foundation believes that it is our responsibility to address the current state of affairs that our young people are faced with.


To assist young people in navigating the complex society in which they find themselves. The foundation will engage with young people to help them learn conflict resolution skills, deal with and heal from childhood trauma, make programs available to assist with financial literacy, and encourage and support education.

Through The Lens Of His Family