It was 9:30 PM when I got home from teaching a lesson on Compassion. I switched on the light and walked toward the stairway that leads to my bedroom. There it was. A ginormous cockroach with the longest antennas blocking the stairway. Frantic, I ran to a corner and froze.

Standing in the dark thinking about what to do, I realized that I was the giant, the monster that could squash this poor creature. I paused and breathe softly. Compassion in action was tough in this case ‘How could I get it out of my way without harming it?’ I thought. The answer just flew into my mind. Turn off all lights, open the front door, turn on the porch light, and hope it’ll fly towards the light.

Then peacefully I stood in the dark and waited. It wasn’t moving. So, I began to speak to it. ‘Thank you for visiting my home. I really need to get to my bedroom and you are in the way. I wish, not to harm you. I’d be grateful if you left through the front door. Thank you.’

All of a sudden its round head with antennas high in the air turned towards me and paused for a bit. As if to acknowledge me. Then, it turned towards the light and flew out.

I stood there with my mouth wide open. It wasn’t a cockroach flying towards the light that stunned me. It was this one pausing, seeing me, and leaving impeccably instead of frantically flying around, hiding under the couch, etc.

Through the heart, I’ve become present and curious about the life and role of other creatures. I felt connected and learned about the magnificent genius of our planet’s ecosystem. Every element, every creature, and every plant plays an important role in my existence. I realized everything else is more intelligent than I am.

Some scientists say that humans are the latest evolved creatures on the planet earth. Brain science shows how we are born partially programmed, which can lead to our programing being faulty and egoistic. It would make sense that we’d have the least amount of LQ, Life Intelligence.

With low levels of Life Intelligence, we create mountains of trash. Think about it. Have you ever seen or heard of any other animal produce trash?

We pollute and deplete oceans, waste natural waters, destroy lands, and have little awareness about how we’ve become the source of our own demise.

There’s much to awaken to about life, our footprint, and our responsibility. Taking an engaged role in our happiness is one of the highest blessings and accomplishments of life. What do you think about this?

Do you have a handle on your happiness?

Are you proactive about your footprint, safety, and survival?

Are you on top of how you impact future generations?

For the upcoming course under From Dharma to Life Intelligence series, we continue gaining more and more knowledge about our planet and developing wise living. We practice being proactive in our sense of oneness and joy.

Please join us on this journey to accomplish a 20-Year Vision of increasing the global society’s Life Intelligence.

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